Meadow Cervana Venison medallion 2x125gr

/ per stuk

 0.25 kg

Deer medallions are perfect for a quick meal. Per pack about 2x125gr.

These steaks are of high quality and come out best when they are still a little red on the inside. Therefore quickly fry on both sides, let it rest and enjoy.

Like many of our products, this comes from Silver Fern Farms in New Zealand. It is of course 100% grass fed from start to finish. No grains are fed, no antibiotics are used and no hormones are administered. Deer roam freely and can graze as they please. This is what pure nature really means.

Cervena deer is the name they gave in New Zealand to the highest quality deer. This guarantees the most tender pieces of meat. Wild deer sometimes wants to be tough, or taste very strong. With Cervena venison you always have a milder, sweeter taste and the tenderness is consistent.

It is also very healthy. Venison is much leaner than beef, beef, or even chicken. The fat that is still in the venison is largely omega 3.

In addition, venison is one of the most nutritious pieces of meat in terms of minerals and proteins. So besides being really tasty and ethically responsible, it is also very healthy for you.


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