Meadow Prime Beef tenderloin Whole, Greenlea, 100% grass-fed

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 2.45 kg

This is the pinnacle of premium New Zealand grass-fed beef. The meadow hare is fully marbled with a buttery soft texture.

The tenderness and marbling in this Prime beef tenderloin is unparalleled. Nowhere else will you find grass-fed meat that is as tender as here. Juicy from the first to the last bite.

Hare is often pricey, but buying a whole hare is cheaper. You can get at least 10 to 15 steaks from this piece. Or if you really want to show off you can beef wellington experience.

  • 100% Grass-fed
  • Antibiotics-free
  • No growth hormones
  • 365 days a year in the pasture, never indoors
  • No corn, no grain, no rubbish that is added
  • The highest quality beef from Greenlea

Greenlea cattle is exclusively grass fed and kept in the pasture all year round. Also during the winter. This ensures a naturally less fatty, nutritionally richer quality beef that we do not know in the Netherlands.

In New Zealand, the climate is perfect for growing grass. The clean air and sufficient clean rainfall ensure that the grass is very nutrient-rich and grows all year round. This allows the cows to walk outside 365 days a year.

In New Zealand, space is not limited as in Europe and the animals can walk for miles without encountering a fence. This ensures less stress among the animals and also healthier meat.

These cattle are so strong that they rarely get sick and almost most bulls never see a vet. Because they run freely, their meat is also less oily. The grass-fed meat has less saturated fat, but more omega 3 and conjugated linoleic acid, more vitamins a and e compared to grain or corn fed meat.

I am visited the farm just outside Queenstown. On the way to the farmer by car we thought we got lost, because we hadn't seen anyone for 10 minutes. Once we got to the farmer, it turned out that the whole piece is his land where the deer, bulls and lambs grazed freely. The beautiful nature was great to see and I am happy that we can offer this piece of meat here in the Netherlands.


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