Meadow Leg of Lamb 100% grass-fed

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 1.35 kg
1.45 kg
1.55 kg
1.75 kg

The ultimate New Zealand lamb experience. Silver Fern Legs of Lamb are perfect for traditional slow cooking methods. After a few hours of roasting, you have the perfect tender meat with the taste of real grass-fed New Zealand lamb.

In this bout the bone has already been removed, so it is 100% meat. Per bolt about 1.45-1.65 KG.

As always, this is antibiotic free, 100% grass fed and completely free in the meadows of Canterbury, New Zealand.

The lambs in New Zealand have much more room to graze than in the Netherlands. This gives them virtually unlimited space and they can live on grass alone without being fed extra.

As a result, the lamb has a subtler and sweeter taste and a little more bite.


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