Alleen ophalen: Wilde Kangoeroe Striploin

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Kangaroo meat is game meat and therefore it has not been given any growth hormones, antibiotics or bad food. Kangaroo takes care of itself and this translates into a wonderfully tasty piece of meat that is very healthy.

Striploin is a versatile boneless piece of meat that you can roast, sauté or even eat as a hearty steak. Striploin is more tender than the topside.

Kangaroo meat is high in iron and protein, but low in fat. In terms of taste it resembles other game and has a sweet, smoky taste. Because there is little fat, this piece of meat cooks very quickly. So if you are in a hurry this is perfect.

It is also the highest known source of CLA conjugated linoleic acid in the world. About 5x as much as grass-fed lamb.

This meat comes from Aussie Game Meats in Australia. Since Kangaroo is a pest in Australia, the meat is not only game and healthy, but also quite economical.


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